Cosmetic Treatments

Hotel Santa Caterina - Body Treatments

Hand Polish-Change

Duration 25 minutes - Euro 40,00

Feet Polish Change

Duration 25 minutes - Euro 40,00

Cosmetic Manicure

Duration 50 minutes - Euro 95,00

Curative Pedicure

Duration 50 minutes - Euro 95,00

Cosmetic Manicure and Curative Pedicure

Duration 1h 20 minutes - Euro 150,00

Wax Depilation Method

Full leg wax
Euro 42,00
Half leg wax
Euro 26,00
Bikini line wax
Euro 20,00
Arm wax
Euro 26,00
Under-arm wax
Euro 20,00
Upper lip wax
Euro 12,00
Eye brow pluck (with tweezers)
Euro 15,00

Turkish (steam) bath - Sauna - Scottish Shower

Euro 25,00 - Reservation and swimming-suit are required

Body Cares

Deep Nourishing Body Treatment with envelopment

The ultimate synergy of comfort and nourishing action in a treatment.Curled up and resting "comfortably" on a pillow, an experience of infinite well-being for the skin and the soul. Dream after dream, wrapped in a bed of generous active ingredients, the skin regains its softness, suppleness and comfort.

(50 min.) Euro 120,00

Orange Energizing Exfoliating Polish

Special express two-in-one treatment that deeply exfoliates to reveal a new, radiant you as it peps up the skin's energy with a stimulating massage trio of Orange, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils.

(50 min.) Euro 120,00

"Anti-Cellulite" Body Treatment

Black Pepper Slim & Detox

An effective yet delightful slimming and detoxifying treatment designed to drain, tone, refine the look of "orange peel" skin, while removing toxins and target the appearance of unwanted to "curves"

Slim & Detox (75 minutes) for 1 day: Euro 180,00

Slim & Detox (75 minutes) for 3 days: Euro 490,00

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