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Feel fantastic on the Amalfi Coast

Hotel Santa Caterina's Spa: an exclusive wellness center on the Amalfi Coast. Here guests can indulge in a fabulous range of face and body treatments, performed using essences of Mediterranean herbs and citrus fruits, all designed so as to re-establish natural balance, and leave guests feeling relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.

Full Body and Localized Massages

The Lemon Massage "Amalfi Gold", our Mediterranean aromatherapy, thanks to the essential oils from flowers and plants of the Amalfi Coast, relax and smooth, cleansing the body and rejuvenating the spirit. Treat yourself to moments of deep relaxation and intense well being, choosing from a wide range of massages.

Spa Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Exclusive Massages at Hotel Santa Caterina

Lemon Massage "Amalfi Gold"

Relaxing massage with a special lemon oil which leaves your skin tonic and smooth, purified and vitaminized. After this treatment and thank to the stimulation of Chakra energy centres, you will reach the total and complete balance of mind, body and soul.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

Immerse yourself in the clear Mediterranean nature, choosing the essential oil you prefer from Lemon, Citron, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin, Mint and Rosemary, and leave the stress of everyday life behind you, relying on the expert hands of our therapists.

Full Body Massages

Holistic Massage

Variety of techniques specifically designed to relax both body and mind by applying pressure against muscles. The holistic massage relieves aches, pains and tensions, models the body, helps the blood flow.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00
Duration: 1h and 30 minutes - Euro 240,00

"Deep Tissue" Massage

This massage technique involves compression, deep transverse direction and stretching. The "Deep Tissue" massage reduces tension, soothes sore muscles, it also increases blood circulation and tissue metabolism which will draw the body into a state of relaxation.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

Stone Massage

The Stone Massage consists in the application of a deep penetrating heat through heated stones in combination with massage. The stones are massaged gently and smoothly over the body with essential oils to bring about a deep state of relaxation. The hot rocks will penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The hot temperatures will stimulate the circulatory system and assist the body in self healing.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Manual Lymph Drainage, created by Dr. Vodder, stimulates lymph flow, speeds up the removal metabolic wastes in the tissues and relieves congestion. It also has a very powerful relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system. The gentle, rhythmic, pumping, massage movements follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results. This is a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

Brief and Localized Massages

Back Massage

Let one of our experts concentrate on your back and shoulders with traditional massage techniques to ease away your tensions and promote relaxation.
Duration: 30 minutes - Euro 80,00

Back & Arms Massage

Massage concentrated on your back, shoulders and arms to ease away your tensions. In this way, this massage relaxes the whole body, relieves pain and fades away the tiredness and stress of everyday life.
Duration: 45 minutes - Euro 140,00

Harmony Scalp Massage

This special massage on head, scalp and neck will plunge you into a state of deep relaxation.
Duration: 30 minutes - Euro 80,00

Legs Massage

This massage relieves tension, soothes physical pain and relaxes tight and tired muscles. It is the perfect antidote for heavy legs and tired feet.
Duration: 45 minutes - 140,00


Pressure points and massage on the feet improve circulation and promote normal healing functions in the body.
Duration: 30 minutes - Euro 80,00

Facial Treatments

Augmented Beauty - The perfect balance of practical understanding, excellence in product development, and precision instruments: the Carita method relies on these three fundamentals to push the limits of cosmetics and offer clients outstanding beauty results. At Carita, beauty is much more than skin-deep. 
The skin is a noble substance that deserves as much attention on the surface as it does underneath. A series of professional massage movements unique to the brand, effective cosmetic beauty devices and advanced formulas that are highly bioavailable: this is Carita's special triple focus.
Professional treatments that go visibly further to achieve clear results for augmented beauty that is living and lasting. For each woman, a dedicated treatment, according to the results she wants and the zone to target. A made to measure offer, created hand in hand with the Carita beauty experts, for results above your expectations.

Massages Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy



Deep Hydration

Drawn from the heart of Polynesia, lagoon water releases all the benefits of its exceptional minerality during this DEEP HYDRATION ritual, which immerses the face in a bath of freshness and well-being (to bring hydration back). This treatment revitalises dull and tired skin, leaving it renewed and intensely moisturised. The skin's water reserves are replenished, the skin brims with freshness and the complexion is brightened, emanating new energy.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 170,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 260,00


Rebalancing Hydration

Formulated to rebalance combination and oily skin, this treatment works gently on the skin's surface to open up detoxification channels. This truly REBALANCING HYDRATION ritual helps the skin to breathe and rediscover its serenity and regularity. Lastingly mattified and purified, the face is wrapped in a wonderful veil of freshness and well-being. The complexion becomes even and bright, while the texture of the skin is left supple and dense once again.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 170,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 260,00


Soothing Rehydration

To comfort the most sensitive skin, Carita has developed this treatment. Thanks to the delicate but specialised massage movements applied by our experts, the skin is immediately soothed, regaining all its comfort. A veritable cocoon of well-being and serenity, this SOOTHING MOISTURISING ritual is like a gentle caress that reduces redness. Feelings of tightness disappear and the complexion is evened out. Skin is left feeling soft and supple, with a velvety-soft, radiant complexion.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 170,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 260,00




Thanks to its three complementary actions - resurfacing, plumping and regenerating - this ULTRA-CONCENTRATED treatment reinvents the brightness and texture of the skin, using a multi-dimensional approach. The first highly transformative professional process, "anti-ageing néomorphose skincare" smooths the skin's micro-profile and leaves it velvety soft. This multi-stage, rejuvenation therapy is entirely customisable; perfectly suited to the needs of every skin type to restore evenness and brightness.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 170,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 270,00


Lifting Firmness

A powerful and vigorous massage of the facial muscles, this treatment redefines contours, reshapes the face and lifts the eyes. The active ingredients of the outstanding products used in this LIFTING AND FIRMING treatment infuse into the skin under the hands of Carita's beauty experts and penetrate deeply into the skin to trigger a unique transformation. The complexion evens out to appear velvety and luminous. The contours of the face are refined and skin that once lacked elasticity regains firmness and bounce.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 170,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 270,00


Total Anti-Aging

The Perfecting Trio of Gold Ultimate Treatment has been formulated to work on each zone and each line of the face, treating it like a precious gem. 
 Relaxing and draining massage movements, with the precision of a goldsmith, make this salon treatment a resplendent, transformative and extraordinary experience. 
Employing unique skills and beauty tools, the Carita beauty expert sculpts the contours of the face, while smoothing and firming the skin. 
The luxurious 3 Ori complex uses three types of gold: mineral (24k gold powder), vegetable (saffron, red gold) and biological (Micro Alga Aurifera) associated with Vitamin C. 
 The skin looks rested and radiant, with impurities removed. 
Regenerated and illuminated, the complexion beams with beauty.
Manual Treatment. Duration: 1 h - Euro 180,00
Treatment with Cinetic. Duration: 1h + 45 minutes - Euro 280,00


At our wellness center you will find the exclusive CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT device, the technological evolution of a journey begun in the 50s, which after years of research makes you experience the incredible experience of a Carita treatment.
CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT allows professional anti-age treatments more and more effective to counteract skin aging. In the face treatments with CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT 
we use 5 accessories (Skin Scruber, Silver Gloves, Stylo, Parfait Contour and Disco Led) and 3 new technologies (Led, Ultrasound and Micro-Currents).

Micro-facial exfoliation with the Skin Scrubber

Sonophoresis ultrasound technology 
The skin scrubber is the ultrasound accessory that is used during the treatment to ensure a cleansing both superficial and depth, of all areas of the face. A real descaling treatment dedicated to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté that gently exfoliates dead cells.

Micro-Currents for the remodeling treatment for wrinkles, ovals and eyes with the Stylo and Contour Parfait precision pens

Precision pens treatment with micro-stimulation electronic devices and micro-currents used together with serums, for the treatment of wrinkles and eye and face contours. With the single precision pen, an excellent correction of the single wrinkles is guaranteed, while with the double one a general remodeling of the oval of the face, neck and décolleté.

Micro-currents for corrective and stimulating massage with the Silver Gloves

A massage with very soft silver gloves. A transmission of micro-currents that remodel, correct and stimulate the tissue, for a more toned, compact and younger-looking skin.

Ultrasound and LED Luminotherapy for anti-aging treatment with Disco Led

The Disco-Led produces an ultrasound micro massage that practices a targeted action on the facial muscles, in particular in the areas of forehead, eyes and chin and on the structure of the neck, giving new tone and, at the same time, helps to soothe the tissues and the muscles thanks to its thermal action. Led luminotherapy stimulates cellular metabolism and counteracts oxidative stress. The 3 LED colors have different benefits: the Blue Led light purifies and decongests, the Red Led light regenerates and firms, the Yellow Led light gives shine,fights the skin spots, improves the quality of skin and muscle tissue.

Body Treatments

A series of tantalizing spa treats await guests staying at the Hotel Santa Caterina. Delight your mind and soul! Much more than a simple moment of relaxation, Carita's body treatment are trasformative for achieving results you desire, on your time.

Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

LE RENOVATEUR - Exfoliating and draining

Offering a true reprieve of wellness, the professional RÉNOVATEUR EXFOLIATING AND DRAINING treatment, which epitomises the signature Carita experience, refines the skin's texture and allows it to breathe. This gentle exfoliating scrub formulated from a base of sunflower seeds and a blend of essential oils (thyme, lemon and clove) removes impurities from the skin and restores radiance. Combined with draining massage movements, this ritual is designed to improve the circulation and detoxify the body. This body treatment concludes with a light massage using Fluide 14, to nourish, soothe and soften.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

DRAINING DETOX - Balancing and soothing

To balance body and mind, the draining detox treatment is inspired by Chi Nei Tsang techniques, a massage philosophy which focuses on the energy meridians. Derived from Chi Gong, this practice was invented by the Taoist master Mantak Chia. Chi literally translates as 'life force', and Nei Tsang refers to the organs. Therefore, the Chi Nei Tsang techniques centre particularly around the stomach area. Enhanced by draining movements, this BALANCING AND ALLEVIATING body treatment targets the abdomen and legs to reshape their curves, all while stimulating blood and lymph circulation.
Duration: 1h - Euro 170,00

Carita Body Treatments with CINETIC™LIFT EXPERT

CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT allows professional anti-age treatments more and more effective to counteract skin aging. In the body treatments with CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT we use 2 accessories (Silver Gloves and Disco Led) and 3 new technologies (Led, Ultrasound and Micro-Currents).


The TECHNO-LED SLIMMING treatment combines active slimming ingredients and micro-current technology with the phototherapy and ultrasound of the Carita beauty device to tone the figure and diminish unsightly skin problems. (We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions of targeted treatment)

Thights, legs and buttocks
Duration: 1h + 15 minutes - Euro 210,00

Abdomen, hips and arms
Duration: 1h + 15 minutes - Euro 210,00


The TECHNO-LED FIRMING treatment uses the Carita beauty device in order to act on the texture of the skin and reinforce the dermal matrix for a body that is visibly firmer, more curved and more toned.
(We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions of targeted treatment)

Thights, legs and buttocks
Duration: 1h + 15 minutes - Euro 210,00

Abdomen and hips
Duration: 1h + 15 minutes - Euro 210,00

Arms and décolleté
Duration: 1h + 15 minutes - Euro 210,00

Beauty Treatments

Let yourself be pampered and give your body and your mind the experience of unique and luxurious beauty treatments, essential to well-being and beauty.

Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Beauty Treatments

Fingernail Polish

Duration 25 min - Euro 50,00

Toenail Polish

Duration 25 min - Euro 50,00

Cosmetic Manicure or French

Manicure completa con applicazione dello smalto
Duration: 50 min - Euro 95,00

Curative Pedicure

Pedicure completa con rimozione delle callosità e applicazione dello smalto.
Duration: 50 min - Euro 95,00

Cosmetic Manicure and Curative Pedicure

Duration: 1h + 20 min - Euro 150,00

Long-Lasting Nail Polish Removal

Duration 25 min - Euro 40,00

Cosmetic Manicure or French Manicure (waterless)
with long-lasting nail polish

Duration: 50 min - Euro 110,00

Cosmetic Pedicure (waterless)
with long-lasting nail polish

Duration: 50 min - Euro 110,00

Dry Manicure (Russian Manicure)
with long-lasting nail polish

Duration: 1h + 20 min - Euro 150,00

Wax Hair Removal

Full leg wax

Euro 50,00

Half leg wax

Euro 35,00

Bikini line wax

Euro 30,00

Arm wax

Euro 35,00

Under-arm wax

Euro 30,00

Eyebrow pluck (with tweezers)

Euro 20,00

Upper lip wax

Euro 20,00

Turkish (steam) bath - Sauna - Scottish Shower

Exclusive use for only 2 people. Reservation and swimming-suit are required
Euro 25,00 per person, per 1 hour

Spa Gift Voucher


Treat a special person for a moment of relaxation at our wellness center with the Spa Gift Voucher for a Lemon Massage "Amalfi Gold" or for a "Carita Beauty Treatments".

For any further informazion contact us
Phone: +39 089 871012
Email: info@santacaterina.it

Spa Policy

  • We invite you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved treatment time to check in. Please, understand that your treatment will end on time for the next Guest not to be inconvenienced. Arriving late will shorten your SPA treatment.
  • The treatments you select are reserved especially for you. Guests will be charged 100% for treatments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or for no-show.
  • The minimum age for receiving SPA treatments is 12 years old.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • In consideration of other Guests, please turn off your mobile phone during your SPA visit.
  • Please reserve your treatments in advance by dialling extension 132 from your room or directly at our SPA reception (Floor – 2), open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 01:30 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.
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