Feel fantastic on the Amalfi Coast

Hotel Santa Caterina's Spa: an exclusive wellness center on the Amalfi Coast. Here guests can indulge in a fabulous range of face and body treatments, performed using essences of Mediterranean herbs and citrus fruits, all designed so as to re-establish natural balance, and leave guests feeling relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.

Full Body and Localized Massages

The Lemon Massage "Amalfi Gold", our Mediterranean aromatherapy, thanks to the essential oils from flowers and plants of the Amalfi Coast, relax and smooth, cleansing the body and rejuvenating the spirit.

Spa Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Exclusive Massages at Hotel Santa Caterina

Lemon Massage "Amalfi Gold"

Relaxing massage with a special lemon oil which leaves your skin tonic and smooth, purified and vitaminized. After this treatment and thank to the stimulation of Chakra energy centres, you will reach the total and complete balance of mind, body and soul.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00

Full Body Massages

Holistic Massage

Variety of techniques specifically designed to relax both body and mind by applying pressure against muscles. The holistic massage relieves aches, pains and tensions, models the body, helps the blood flow.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00
Duration: 75 minutes - Euro 210,00

Swedish Massage "Deep Tissue"

This massage technique uses compression, deep transverse direction and stretching. The Swedish massage reduces tension and soothes sore muscles while increasing blood circulation and tissue metabolism which draws the body into a state of relaxation.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 160,00

Stone Massage

The Stone Massage consists in the application of a deep penetrating heat through heated stones in combination with massage. The stones are massaged gently and smoothly over the body with essential oils to bring about a deep state of relaxation. The hot rocks will penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The hot temperatures will stimulate the circulatory system and assist the body in self healing.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 150,00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Manual Lymph Drainage, created by Dr. Vodder, stimulates lymph flow, speeds up the removal metabolic wastes in the tissues and relieves congestion. It also has a very powerful relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system. The gentle, rhythmic, pumping, massage movements follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results. This is a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 150,00

Lymphatic Facial Drainage

Specific massage technique characterized by the use of subtle and slow movements, all in circular and spiral form. This treatment drains and removes toxins from your face and improves skin tone and gives a radiant complexion.
Duration: 25 minutes - Euro 70,00

Brief and Localized Massages

Harmony Back Massage

Let one of our experts concentrate on your back and shoulders with traditional massage techniques to ease away your tensions and promote relaxation.
Duration 25 minutes - Euro 70,00
Duration 40 minutes - Euro 120,00

Harmony Scalp Massage

This special massage on head, scalp and neck will plunge you into a state of deep relaxation.
Duration 25 minutes - Euro 70,00

Facial Massage

Darphin beauty treatment, this massage restores energy and balance to the body, offers a natural "face lift", gives an abundant sense of luxury and pleasure combined with visible results.
Duration 25 minutes - Euro 70,00

Detox Legs

The perfect antidote for heavy legs and tired feet. Your feet are pampered with a wonderfully relaxing massage.
Duration 40 minutes - Euro 120,00


Pressure points and massage on the feet improve circulation and promote normal healing functions in the body.
Duration 25 minutes - Euro 70,00

Facial Treatments

Our skin care line, Darphin, is created from pure essential oils and plant extracts. Our facial are designed to offer specialized treatments for individual needs of all skin type. A full spa immersion in beauty and relax with our specific care to nourish and balance dry skin, to soothe and calm sensitive skin, to help and revitalize skin with first signs of aging, to repair and reduce the appearance of fine lines the anti-age treatment.

Massages Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Quenching Infusion Treatment, relaxing dehydrated skin

A deep drench and soothing cooling quench for moisture-depleted skin. This intensive hydrating facial provides a delectably dewy-fresh, radiance.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00

Harmonizing Caress Treatment, soothing sensitive skin

A calming cocoon for aggravated complexions. This pillowy-soft blend of botanical ingredients helps to visibly reduce redness and reveals a smooth, even-toned complexion while promoting inner and outer peace.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00

Sparkling Healthy Glow Treatment, stimulating radiance for dull complexion

A healthy cocktail that clarifies, hydrates and smoothes your skin in a soft pampering way. An Indulging treatment to rediscover a glowing lustrous complexion.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00

Refreshing Purity Treatment "L'Institut Facial" with Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Epert & Facial Massage with Giada Stone

A deep purifying and detoxifying treatment that refines pores, controls shine and leaves complexion refreshed, sparkling and bright. The Sonic Cleansing Expert helps remove impurities that can age the look of skin and boosts the natural cellular process to reveal younger looking skin, while the Sonic Massaging Expert boosts microcirculation to reveal a rejuvenated glow. The skin is better moisturized, plumper, smoother and more radiant with fewer noticeable fine dry lines.
Duration: 1h 15 minutes - Euro 210,00

Firming care for first signs of aging

A perfecting treatment that corrects first aging imperfections in a three-dimensional approach, radiance, skin texture, and lines. Through an exclusive gesture, skin is meticulously worked to reveal its natural beauty.
without Darphin Facial Massage (50 min) - Euro 140,00
with Darphin Facial Massage (1h 15min) - Euro 210,00

Expert Smoothing and Repumpling Treatment, wrinkle repair and firming

This expert treatment challenges signs of age offering a total renewal. A complete rejuvenating moment to regenerate skin, promoting firmness and revealing a clear, even-toned complexion.
without Darphin Facial Massage (50 min) - Euro 140,00
with Darphin Facial Massage (1h 15min) - Euro 210,00

Ultimate Divine Lifting Treatment, radiant mature skin

Darphin's signature treatment. A lavish, luxurious "youth cure": An immersion in one heavenly pleasure after another. Pierre Darphin's unique youth renewal massage tones, tightens and lifts your skin to help visibly redefine facial contours. The ultimate boost for your skin and your spirit.
without Darphin Facial Massage (50 min) - Euro 140,00
with Darphin Facial Massage (1h 15min) - Euro 210,00

Body Treatments

A series of tantalizing spa treats await guests staying at the Hotel Santa Caterina. Delight your mind and soul with our Treatments, unique cocktails of essential oils and natural herbs, good to toning, firming and energizing your body.

Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Deep Nourishing Body Treatment with envelopment

The ultimate synergy of comfort and nourishing action in a treatment.Curled up and resting "comfortably" on a pillow, an experience of infinite well-being for the skin and the soul. Dream after dream, wrapped in a bed of generous active ingredients, the skin regains its softness, suppleness and comfort.
Duration: 50 minutes - Euro 140,00

Apricot Energizing Exfoliating Polish

Special express two-in-one treatment that deeply exfoliates to reveal a new, radiant you as it peps up the skin's energy with a stimulating massage.
Duration: 50 minutes Euro 140,00

"Anti-Cellulite" Body Treatment

An effective yet delightful slimming and detoxifying treatment designed to drain, tone, refine the look of "orange peel" skin, while removing toxins and target the appearance of unwanted to "curves".
Duration: 75 minutes, for 1 day - Euro 190,00
Duration: 75 minutes, for 3 days - Euro 500,00

Beauty Treatments

Treat yourself to moments of deep relaxation and intense well being, choosing from an wide range of massages and Mediterranean aromatherapy.

Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi Italy

Beauty Treatments

Fingernail Polish

Duration 25 min - Euro 40,00

Toenail Polish

Duration 25 min - Euro 40,00

Cosmetic Manicure and Curative Pedicure

Duration: 1h 20min - Euro 150,00

Cosmetic Manicure

Duration: 50 min - Euro 95,00

Curative Pedicure

Duration: 50 min - Euro 95,00

Wax Hair Removal

Full leg wax

Euro 50,00

Half leg wax

Euro 35,00

Bikini line wax

Euro 30,00

Arm wax

Euro 35,00

Under-arm wax

Euro 30,00

Eyebrow pluck (with tweezers)

Euro 20,00

Upper lip wax

Euro 20,00

Turkish (steam) bath - Sauna - Scottish Shower

Euro 25,00

Reservation and swimsuit are required

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